Expanded Glass and Expanded Ceramics Baugran®

The lightweight aggregate

The raw material for grey color Expanded Glass Baugran® is post-consumer recycled glass, and the raw material for creme color Expanded Ceramics Baugran® is diatomite, mineral which is available worldwide in sufficient quantities.

Bаugran® has a very good thermal and sound insulating properties, it is also resistant to moisture, fire, chemicals and is dimensionally stable even after years without shrinkage and swelling.

Bаugran® is a Grey/Cream/White lightweight aggregate with bulk densities starting from 100 kg/m³.

TIGI Kramer, LLC produce Bаugran® in five different standard grain sizes.

baugran grain size 2015

Main Properties of Baugran®:

  • Low density combines withe the high compressive strength;
  • Excellent thermal insulating and sound absorption properties;
  • Spherical grain shape;
  • Color Grey/Cream/White, for any client’s purposes;
  • 100 % mineral;
  • Fire and heat resistant;
  • Health- and Environment friendly material: inert, non-toxic, solvent-free, fibre-free, odor-neutral, anti-allergen and radiologically completely safe;
  • Long-term stability;
  • Chemical and biological resistance.