The benefits of using Baugran®

Baugran® expanded glass and Baugran® expanded ceramics makes products more lightweight and easier to apply. It can significantly improve the performance of your products and cut down expenses in the long run.

  • Optimising products

    The benefits of Baugran® as lightweight aggregate:

    • Baugran® due to the low density and spherical shape reduces production costs.
    • Baugran® reduces the use of other materials, such as resins, cellulose ether and other binding materials.
    • Baugran® preserves the rheological properties of the mortar.
    • Baugran® remains stable in the building construction, and during the expected life of the building: it gives no shrinkage and prevents the formation shrinkage cracks.
  • Technological advantages

    • Baugran® increases the yield while preserving of the final product’s quality.
    • Baugran® gives the product a more elastic structure that allows it to take more deforming load and enhance stability to attrition.
    • Baugran® improves adhesion and works as an adhesive mortar that is a great advantage for the exterior.
    • Baugran® reduces the water absorption, adjusts the water vapour permeability rate and reduce the risk of efflorescence, cracking and reduces rejects.
  • Environment and safety

    Baugran® is a non-toxic, odorless, does not emit dust, it doesn’t cause any allergic reactions. Baugran® can be recycled as well. With Baugran® expanded glass lightweight concrete becomes a pure mineral and ecological construction product, which can be easily recycled when needed. It does not harm the environment and human health.