Baugran® in concrete blocks, panels and grouting mortars

Baugran® used as a lightweight aggregate for a wide range of blocks and panels providing a density below 1000 kg/m3 (GOST 25820-201). A more lightweight constuctions increase an overall productivity by reducing the steps of the process and reduce transport costs in the construction industry. Wall structures made of blocks filled with Baugarn® do not require additional insulation, reducing the load on the foundation, provide additional sound insulation, reduce the consumption of cement.

Benefits of using Baugran®

  • Reducing the costs on a heating;
  • non-toxic, provides clean air indoor;
  • when burning, no emissions of harmful substances;
  • structure of concrete and grouting mortars filled with Baugran® provides a effective bond with a plaster, and excellent breathability;
  • the lower product weight allows a cost-reduced handling and shorter construction time.