Dry Mortar with Baugran®

Baugran® is a lightweight aggregate in dry mortar (adhesives, plasters, fillers). Baugran® is perfectly combined with lime, cement and other binders. The precise round grain shape and low density optimize the formulation and the physical properties and performance of the final product.

Product’s Benefits with Baugran®

  • Weight reduction;
  • the volume and yield of your product can be increased without weight adding;
  • preserving of the mortar’s rheological properties;
  • better thermal and sound insulation;
  • prevents the formation shrinkage cracks;
  • easy to apply.


  • Enviroment friendly;
  • stability of the physical properties;
  • low density combines with the high compressive strength;
  • low water absorption;
  • do not react with chemistry;
  • health-friendly.

Insulating Plasters

Baugran® provides higher performance, higher layer thicknesses and better spreading behaviour thanks to the ball-bearing effect. Plasters with Baugran® have exellent thermal insulation and sound absorption properties, fire safety and resistance to UV radiation and microorganisms.

Self levelling underlayments

The process of self-leveling is much easier thanks to the spherical shape of the granules. Due to low density the weight is reducing, which is a great advantageous in restoration and renovation of old buildings.

Cementitious adhesives and special mortars

The mortar reduces the heat resistance of the masonry walls. Baugran® gives insulation properties to mortar, providing comfort indoor climate. It mixes well with other light fillers, improving their properties in a mortar.

Lightweight tile adhesives and

The spherical shape of the granules Baugran® makes easier application of tile adhesive. Low density reduces the weight significally, reduces the elastic modulus of the adhesive. Creamу color granules Baugran® is also suitable for the production of white glue.