Baugran® as Thermal and Sound Insulation Fills

Baugran® is completely safe, easy to handle and combines an environmentally compatible material with sustainable characteristics when used as loose fills for thermal insulation. It provides a reliable and environmentally friendly thermal and sound insulation of hollow spaces and walls, ceilings and floors beam.

Benefits of Baugran® as thermal and sound insulation fills

  • Baugran® simply poured out of the package in a convenient space to provide insulation.
  • Baugran® perfectly fills uneven curved void space.
  • Baugran® is a health-friendly, does not contain polymers and mineral fibers and has a neutral smell, there is no need for high price hermetic isolation.
  • Baugran® is a lightweight material, so it is suitable perfectly for beam ceiling insulation and using for an old building structures.
  • Baugran® is a moisture resistance.
  • Baugran® is an air-penetrable.